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Jade heating seat
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Jade heating seat

Item EX-AMC-06B
Weight 0.000 kg
Feature Jade heating pad, can reach teperature 65 degree.Have good effect in blood circulation.
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Item No.:AMC-06B



Healthcare heating tourmaline cushion
1,filled with tourmaline micoparticle
2,release far infrared, ions

healthcare heating tourmaline  cushion


Main material composition:


tourmaline, negative ion chip, carbon fiber , ultra-long wave generator, moxa, electromagnetic wave shielding


Tourmaline stone:


Strengthens immune system, improves blood circulation, boost up body energy, discards toxins especially heavy metals such as mercury and lead. Helps to enhance the ability of blood stream to take in oxygen by more than 1.5 times. Increases the rate of metabolism and delays the aging process.




1,Titanium products can achieve the effect of spirit relaxation, muscle relaxation and improvement in motor function. Increase in heat will relax the muscles and stimulate blood flow, Increased blood flow helps your body to eliminate the reactant and fatigue factor generated by pain in blood flow better.

2,Strengthen the natural healing power, Enhance immune function, Improve the general physical, Anti-Aging, Cancer prevention, Inhibit and eliminat tumor, Anti-inflammatory analgesic, Anti-virusanti-inflammatory, Treatment of diseases such as respiratory diseases, asthma, skin diseases and liver diseases and so on, Regulation of blood pressure, blood lipids and blood glucose, Prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, Reduce blood viscosity, Regulation of the endocrine, Excluded from the body of toxins, Disorders Autonomic nervous system and so on.