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thermal jade massage bed,EX-AMC-B005B
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thermal jade massage bed,EX-AMC-B005B

Item EX-AMC-B005B
Weight 0.000 kg
Feature This bed has the good heating therapy at buttock, waist, back, shoulder and neck with the S-shape driving system.
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Item No.:AMC-B005B

The therapy bed of thermal jade and merges the collateral channels of Chinese medicine to learn the theory to develop according to American-European health care science and technology, it adopts the natural jade material, utilizes the electric heat principle to make it reach certain temperature, produce stronger electronic diffraction, get up to the human organ to the resonance, stimulate collateral channels, regulate the function protected, realize the vertebra is corrected and massaged, far infrared ray thermotherapy, the roast meat is treated and treats warmly. The modern science and technology indicate the trace element among them absorbed to contact by the human skin with the jade, contribute to the coordination balance of human body's physiological function of every organ, thus the efficiency of the health care arises to.


MASSAGE is an ancient practice of muscle manipulation as a means of promoting proper blood-flow, muscle relaxation and flexibility. In recent years, physicians and therapists have recommended massage to ease chronic muscle pain, speed recovery from injuries, improve rest, and concentration, and promote a general sense of well-being.


FAR-INFRARED HEAT and its therapeutic properties have been studied for many years and its use is now becoming very popular in The World. Far-infrared heat is a form of light energy that cannot be seen by human eyes, like ultraviolet rays and X-rays. Therasage uses Far-infrared heat to deeply penetrate your body (up to three inches deep) and stimulate your blood cells to increase your body's circulation and metabolism.


PREMIUM JADE: Jade is a semiprecious stone that is valued for its ability to hold and transmit heat. In the East, jade has long been revered for its healing effects and its association with longevity. The Internal Projectors safely generate radiant infrared heat with a self-rotating and seesaw-designed Jade roller, which enhances both comfort and gentleness as it moves along the body.


Automatic Control Operation
The multi-function remote control has the ability to control the external projector, making all projectors operable with a single remote control. The remote control cradle rotates 360° and allows user control with maximum ease during the 60 minute massage session.Allowed the manual and automatic operation with the remote control

Quiet Internal Drive

The product's drive utilizes a combined chain and rope mechanism that minimizes noise and prevents slippage. The internal drive has been strengthened for semipe-rmanent use.

External Projector
The External Projectors come with 9-spheres for increased heating capability.
Full body jade roller for back of the body,leg/calfs.