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Aromatherapy Jade Pillow
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Aromatherapy Jade Pillow

Item EX-H-002-02
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Feature Aromatherapy Jade Pillow useful for the metabolic smooth of the skin and keep good health.
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Size: 26X50CM

Material:  Removable pillow protecter with high density flax cotton fabric and 16pcs of high quality xiuyan jade on it, pillow insert with selected high quality buckwheat + lavender + high flexibility pearl filling




1. The pillow insert with high flexibility pearl filling , which has good flexibility and permeability,keep warm and with light weight.  It can make the air moisture and oxygen well preserved in the fiber. Useful for the metabolic smooth of the skin and keep good health.


2. Xiuyan jade providing the source of inorganic elements in nutrition. Physical fitness is required for full absorption, or add the trace elements and minerals, to achieve internal and external balance.


3. Xiuyan jade contact with the human body can generate piezoelectric effect, thermoelectric effect, far infrared effect, could promote the restoration of balance in the body meridians open circulatory system.


4. Xiyan Jade Has a strong anti-inflammatory detoxification function of the skin,  can have a better effect of biological therapy, and promote cosmetics in the absorption of other nutrients.

5. Premium buckwheat: Sweat-absorbent, good air permeability,warm in winter and cool in summer; anti-occipital bald, correct the head shape; Removal of heat and calm the nerves

6. Equipped with distributed light sweet lavender scent can relieve headaches, flatulence, nausea and other symptoms, it is exhilarating, for curing diseases such as smelling.