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About Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo charcoal is a kind of carbon with the raw material of more than five years growth bamboo, forming with burning one thousand temperatures. Bamboo charcoal has porous structure ,strong ability of absorption and abundant minerals. After scientific abstracting and processing, bamboo charcoal has been applied in people’s daily life.

(1) Calming nerves and relieving tiredness: Bamboo charcoal can release the light of fertility, namely the far infrared ray whose wavelength is between 4 and 14 microns. The wave motion from the shock can generate warm energy and change the structure of water molecules. When bamboo charcoal which has the far infrared function is put closely to the body, temperature in deep skin will rise, thus stimulating micro vascular expansion, promoting blood circulation and accelerating metabolic process. As a result, blood and oxygen supply for the brain are improved, brain cells activated and nerves soothed.

(2) Negative ion effect: Either in the water or in the air, bamboo charcoal can release from its holes negative ions which can make people feel comfortable by relaxing nerves and stabilizing the emotion. Therefore, bamboo charcoal can help ease the insomnia, headache and arthrodynia.

(3) Automatic conditioning treatment: Maintaining the humidity of living space is an important condition for a comfortable and pleasant environment. The structure of a molecule of bamboo charcoal is a hexagonal one with solid texture. It’s hard and porous with the automatic function of environment humidity adjustment.

(4) Odor absorption: The total surface area of bamboo charcoal with porous structure is about 300 to 350 square meters per gram. That is equivalent to the size of a basketball court. Bamboo charcoal is capable of clearing indoor air through absorbing and decomposing peculiar smells, odors and poisonous gases ecologically.

(5) Radiation prevention: Bamboo charcoal’s electric conductivity is the best in preventing electromagnetic waves. After high temperature carbonization around 1000 ℃, bamboo charcoal gets the conductive property. Bamboo charcoal beside electrical appliances which are often physically close to people (television or computer) can block electromagnetic waves to some extent and promote the human health.



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