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Bamboo fibre bath towel
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Bamboo fibre bath towel

Item C0007
Weight 0.000 kg
Feature anti-bacterial ,soft and generally monochromatic and can be colored or embroidered.
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Bamboo fibre bath towel(Item: C0007)


Materials: 100% bamboo fibre

Color: white

Size: 70X140CM

Weight: 360G





Bamboo fibre towel is made up of 100% bamboo fiber, it is antibacterial, oil repellent, and easy to wash and dry. It is not greasy, not compacted; you can use it for a long time with no-slitting, no odor, and no static. With exquisite appearance, it is soft and generally monochromatic and can be colored or embroidered.



anti-bacterial and anti-odor

Bamboo has a unique anti-bacterial substance named "Bamboo Kun" which has excellent natural special anti-bacterial function. The sweat metabolites generate effluvium because of the propagation of bacteria, and bamboo fiber can effectively suppress and kill the propagation of bacteria so as to achieve the effect of anti-odor. 



Bamboo fiber is manufactured by high-tech means without any chemical additive that can be completely decompounded in the soil, thus it is a truly natural green fiber.

with all kinds of designs and colors

be good to the skin