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About Bamboo Fibre

Bamboo Fiber Textiles

Bamboo fibre is a natural, ecological and environmental friendly fibre which is extracted from bamboo by using high technology. It refers to the main element that constitutes bamboo material, like lignin, cellulose, hemi cellulose. It is alpha cellulose that is mainly used in fancy textile fabric. Its romantic gorgeous aesthetics and health care function make the bamboo fibre become the most potential and health fibre in 21st century.

Supple and flowing; antibacterial and antimicrobial; anti-mite and deodorized; radio resistance and anti-ultraviolet; ability of moisture absorption and air permeability; instantaneous water absorption; good staining.

(1) silkily soft and warm: Bamboo fiber is small-unit-sized and white , bright-colored; uniform and stable with good drape; resistant tough, and uniquely elastic; good vertically ; soft and smooth even than cotton with a special sense of velvet.

(2) Moisture absorption breathable: The surface is covered with large and small pores , and it’s three times as water-absorbent as cotton. The natural cross-selection of the bamboo fiber is so highly hollow that experts in the field call it “fiber that can breathe” even “fiber queen”. In terms of hygroscopicity , moisture releasing and air permeability, bamboo fiber ranks first among all the fibers, so using bamboo fiber textiles could attain breathable , and makes people feel especially cool in summer , and comfortable in winter.

(3) Anti-bacterial deodorant: Since bamboo fiber is the green and environmentally friendly material extracted from natural bamboo, it is naturally anti-mite, anti-odor and pest-prevention efficient. Observed under microscopes bacterial in the cotton, wood fiber products can reproduce on a large scale. By contrast, bacterial of same number on bamboo fiber products are killed by 75% within 24 hours. This anti-bacterial function is unparalleled of other textiles.

(4) Green, environmentally friendly and radio-resistant: Bamboo fiber not only has features to produce negative ions, but also can effectively block the ultraviolet radiation on human body without any irritation to the skin. Cotton for the penetration of ultraviolet is 2500/10000; in contrast, bamboo fiber is 6/10000. The anti-UV ability of bamboo fiber is 417 times stronger than cotton.

(5) Naturally healthy: "Compendium of Materia Medica" depicts four different medicinal functions and formulas of bamboo; there are even hundreds of bamboo prescriptions among folks. Modern medicine: "Bamboo element" in the antioxidant compounds can effectively dispose the body of free radicals and peroxy ester compounds, and block the strong carcinogen N-nitrite ammonia compounds. It not only can significantly improve the immune capacity, but also have the bio-efficacy to moisturize the skin and fight against fatigue and aging.



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