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About Magnetic Therapy




Our magnetic products have both beauty and health benefits, they increase blood flow and they increase the oxygen level in the body especially in the area of the magnet, this helps bring pain relief to areas of the body where it is needed. This helps alleviate pain in arthritic joints especially, but is beneficial in a large range of other problems as well. It relaxes the muscles in the area of the magnet so tension is decreased as well as feelings depression and stress. This is accompanied by a heightened sense of well being. Magnets help to flush out toxins in our body that especially occur where there are inflammations. Magnets are effective in the physical area where they are so ensure that you buy the correct magnetic product to place in the problem area.

The majority of our products are mobile so you can you enjoy all the benefits of cutting edge magnetic therapy where ever you go. This allows you to heal the ailments of yourself and your family without having major interruptions in your life and routine. You also get all the benefits without having to go for expensive sessions with a magnetic therapist or having to take expensive courses of drugs which can also have harmful side effects.

--How does Magnetic Therapy work?

One theory is that the magnetic field energizes and oxygenates the white corpuscles in the

blood stream, and these white corpuscles are natures healing agents. The charged ions increase the blood flow, which provides increased oxygenation to increased oxygenation is the prevalent factor to enhancing your body's natural healing powers, and the results are less pain, decreased inflammation, and the possibility of increased energy levels.

The logical conclusion is that with circulation increased, the body's natural healing mechanism can work more efficiently. Other specialists believe that, since nervous signals travel via tiny electromagnetic charges, an electromagnetic field may actually tune out "false" signals. The actual pain relief mechanism of magnetic energy may never be truly understood, since it operates within the tissues at such a microscopic level.


--Where should I place magnets for relief?

There are three schools of thought about magnet placement:" At the site of pain, " At the site of pain and possible "referring" site, and " Accupressure points. The first method, at the site of pain, is clear - just put them where it hurts. Magnets seem to work best in "balanced" application, for example, on both sides of a sore knee or stiff neck. For this reason, many magnetic products for the elbows, wrists, and knees feature several opposing sets of magnets.The second method, at the site of pain and possible "referring" site, is more complex. Knee pain may be caused by an undiagnosed hip problem, or a strained back may show up as shoulder or neck pain. For this reason, do not rely on magnetic devices as medical treatment. If you experience pain, consult a physician.The third method, accupressure points, requires either knowledge of accupuncture/accupressure, or a good diagram of these points and plenty of patience. Experts recommend you continue trying any and all combinations of these methods until relief is attained. Each human body is different, and will respond differently to any type of therapy.

--Can magnetic therapy hurt me?

According to published clinical studies, magnet use has no side-effects. To be on the safe side, always consult your physician before beginning any type of therapy. Most magnetic products carry warning labels cautioning some potential users:
" People with pacemakers or other implanted medical devices should not use magnet therapy.
" Magnetic products are not recommended for use during pregnancy.
" Do not use magnetic products over an open wound, or in conjunction with any transdermal drug patch.
" If soreness, rash, or an increase in pain occur, discontinue use and contact your physician.
" Keep magnetic products at least six inches away from credit cards, computers, diskettes, magnetic tapes, video equipment, or similar items, as loss of data may result.
" If you need to clean a magnetic product, hand wash or wipe with gentle detergent; do not machine-wash magnetic items.

--How strong should the magnets be?

Magnet strength is measured in units called "gauss". For comparison, the natural magnetic field of the Earth is about ? of 1 gauss. The average "refrigerator magnet" may be anywhere from 10 to 100 gauss. Magnets used in therapeutic products vary from about 200 gauss to 2,500 gauss - and some even greater.
Gauss strength can be misleading. Remember that the strength of the magnetic field falls off exponentially as the distance from the surface of the magnet increases. Depending upon the strength, size, and distance from the skin, actual gauss strength inside the human tissue can be much less than the gauss rating of the magnet.
Magnets are another case where bigger is not necessarily better. A stronger magnet may be beneficial inside a mattress several centimeters away from the skin, but applied directly to the skin may not have any more effect that a less powerful magnet. A penetrating field strength of about 450-500 gauss is cited as optimal by several studies.
The depth of penetration of the magnetic field appears to be at least as important as its strength. This can also vary depending upon the strength and size of the magnet. Magnets made from Neodymium, a rare-earth metal, are unusually strong in relation to their size, and therefore believed to have the deepest penetrating fields. Some people may have a skin reaction to direct exposure to some rare-earth magnets. For this reason, many therapeutic magnets are plated with gold or other non-reactive metal.

--How quickly should I expect results?

The human body is incredibly complex - and each one slightly different from the next in terms of metabolism, likes and dislikes, reactions to food or medications, and so on. It only stands to reason that each human body will react differently to magnetic therapy. Some people experience immediate results, for some it may take days or weeks of consistent use to achieve results. Clinical studies report between 75-85% of patients experience relief using magnetic therapy.
Do not be discouraged if the first attempt proves unsuccessful. Experiment with different placement or magnet strength, be sure your magnetic products contain "live" magnets, and ask for testimonials or studies to back up claims.


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